Tree Removal and Maintenance Cost in Long Island, NY

Over the past few decades, the densely populated East Coast Island of Long Island, New York has experienced tremendous suburban development, a situation that makes tree removal long island cost and conservation a critical issue for all the inhabitants. Long Island is already home to many forests, parks and nature preserves. It is evident, therefore, that a good tree cover can go a long way to benefit the local industries and communities living in the New York boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn as well as the suburban counties of Nassau and Suffolk. The entire state of New York is fairly forested. According to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the total forested area in the state covers about 19 million acres or about 63% of the total acreage.

tree removal long island cost

The forest industry here also employs about 60,000 people and contributes over $4.5 billion annually to the state’s economy. Some of the trees that grow in Long Island include Norway Spruce, Pitch Pine, Douglas Fir, Silver Maples, Birch Tree and American Hazelnut. The varieties of Birch trees that grow in the Long Island include the River Birch, Yellow Birch, Black Birch and Gray Birch among others. The American Hazelnut or Corylus Americana is a fast growing tree that can grow up to a height of 15 ft. The tree grows perfectly under partial sun, dry to moist soils and well-drained soil. The Norway Spruce tree is classified as a medium to fast growing tree. It grows well under moist and well-drained soils. The Pitch Pine tree grows well in coastal places and in areas with sterile sandy rocks.

Having healthy trees in your property or yard offers numerous benefits, from providing natural appeal and shelter from heat to ensuring a constant supply of fresh air. Tree service long island firms play an important role in helping homeowners care for their trees. To do this, all critical aspects are examined to find the best solutions. The services provided by tree service long island companies include; tree removal long island service, tree trimming service long island service, stump grinding long island service, tree pruning and land clearing for construction purposes among other services. The tree removal long island service can be requested when the trees are diseased or for safety reasons like road blockade.

Regardless of the situation at hand, an arborist Long Island official will recommend the best strategy to remove the tree. The most widely used tree removal long island tools are chainsaws, crosscut saws and stump grinders for heavy tree removal long island projects. The tree trimming service long island is usually undertaken to ensure the tree grows perfectly while tree pruning is performed as a strategy to protect the tree. The latter involves the removal of loose, infected or dead branches to allow the tree to flourish and grow healthy. Pruning can also help ward off potential safety hazards that may be posed by overreaching trees. This is especially true when you have fallen trees strewn all over the roads and yard after heavy snow, rains or storms caused by Nor-eastern heady winds, which are common in Long Island.

Tree trimming service long island can be performed at 4 various degrees, namely; crown reduction trimming, standard pruning, hazard pruning and fine pruning, which is usually undertaken to remove the small branches of trees in order to enhance the appearance. Crown reduction trimming on its part, is usually encouraged to clear up broken trees resulting from storm and other weather related causes. Before undertaking tree trimming service long island service, it is important to get in touch with tree service long island expert to determine if tree trimming service long island is the right solution. The experts will look at the following signs before moving in:

  • The tree appears to encroach on the power line
  • Appearance of unsightly or dead tree branches hanging loosely
  • Overgrown trees and shrubs due to delays in pruning
  • Need to shape trees to enhance curb appeal

The Arborist long island specialists are trained to plant, care and maintain trees in order to improve their overall health and aesthetics. There are many arborist long island personnel who operate independently, under government agencies or for private organizations. The majority of clients who hire or seek the services of arborist long island experts, are homeowner, utility companies, landscaping businesses and personnel representing recreational and public park all around Long Island. The experts are adept at recommending the best procedures to use to care and maintain trees. The decision is usually made after studying the type, appearance and size of the plantations in a given area.

As a homeowner, you can benefit a lot from tree care lessons offered by tree service long Island field experts. In the first analysis, it is important to recognize that the value of your home and property can increase substantially, if the trees and lawn grown in your compound are aesthetically appealing. The other important service offered by arborist long island specialists include, tree pest and disease management and lawn care. Common Long Island pests and diseases such as Bagworms, Dogwood Anthracnose and Emerald Ash Borer can seriously damage trees and the environment, if the problem is not reported and arrested in good time. An arborist is well placed to offer advice on the best lawn care practices such as lawn aeration and lawn fertilization.

The lawn fertilization process involves accessing such components as percentage of elements like potassium and nitrogen in the soil. These elements are crucial in creating a healthy and vibrant landscape as well as ensuring the lawn receives adequate air and water. The lawn aeration service is usually undertaken after looking carefully at the soil or sod type in a particular area with the aim of creating a positive growth environment. Whichever service you want, a tree service long island expert will help you get your trees and lawn in good shape, beginning from laying the sod and trimming the trees to tree removal long island service among other services.